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How to Reel in a Legendary Fish in Rapala Daily Catch

  • Date: December 30, 2016
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Legendary fish can appear in any lake location in Rapala Daily Catch. Be careful though, finding them is only half the battle. Not only are these living legends rare, they also put up epic fights too!

Here are four Pro tips on how to find and reel in a legendary fish:

  1. Make sure your line is tough and filled up. Legendary fish fight back, you’ll want to ensure your line can handle its incredible weight!

  2. Cast into a Hotspots! Legendary fish have a higher chance of appearing in a Secret Hotspot, but also can be found in normal hotspots too.

  3. Listen for the music to change. Watch the video on FB/Twitter/Google Plus to hear the music in action!

  4. When the fish bites listen for a loud “thwomp” – if it’s loud, it’s legendary!

How many of you have already caught legendary fish in Rapala Daily Catch? Comment below with your fishing tale!