Introducing: Tiebreaker Versus!

  • Date: June 17, 2024
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Hello golfers!

Very soon, we’ll be introducing a new type of event called Tiebreaker Versus. We’re very interested to hear what you think, both now and after you’ve had a chance to play. This post is meant to give you the information you need to make the most of the event.

During a Tiebreaker Versus event, you’ll have the opportunity to play a new form of PGA TOUR Golf Shootout’s classic Play Mode — a Play Mode without ties. 

While Tiebreaker Versus is active, a new tile will appear on the app’s home screen. When you tap this tile, you’ll be taken into ranked Play Mode, just as you would by pressing the PLAY button at the bottom of the screen. The difference is that each match will use the Accuracy Tiebreaker to determine the winner. This is the same Accuracy Tiebreaker you may have experienced in Tournaments.

Rewards in Tiebreaker Versus are exactly the same as in regular Play Mode… just without tie tokens. We expect that you’ll find that you win a little more, lose a little more, and experience many more close matches.

Your first chance to play Tiebreaker Versus will be a two-day event running June 19th-20th.

We love hearing your feedback, and invite you to our Discord server to let us know your thoughts!

Introducing the Limited-Time Atom Ball!

  • Date: June 14, 2024
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Introducing the Limited-Time Atom Ball!

Splitting apart the competition with explosive power, the Atom Ball is here to energize your game! Available through June 16th, this dynamic ball is designed to give you an explosive edge on the course, ensuring every shot packs a punch. Continue Reading »