Concrete Software

Motion Gaming Now Throwing!

  • Date: June 12, 2007
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Concrete Software’s most innovative title to date, 3D Lawn Darts is out now. The highlight of the new game is its motion sensing control capability. The game utilizes the internal camera to allow you to swing the mobile phone in a sweeping motion to mimic the throwing motion of real lawn darts. The popularity of motion enabled gaming as seen on next-generation gaming consoles is now available to the hundreds of millions of camera phones owned by consumers world wide.

The game is based on the social outdoor game of lawn darts where people take turns lobbing big metal darts high into the air in an attempt to score points by landing them inside one of two rings. Lawn darts was a popular family game that was banned for sale in the United States and Canada in the late 80’s because of serious injuries and deaths caused by the darts, though the game is still sold in other countries around the world.

3D Lawn Darts takes a once popular neighborhood game and brings that experience of playing lawn darts in the backyard to a safe and friendly mobile version. Play one of the crazy fictional characters or challenge friends and co-workers, just remember to hold on tight to the phone or you may be out more than just a bad round of darts.

3D Lawn Darts currently plays on mobile phones, Pocket PCs, and Microsoft Smartphones. Other mobile platform release dates have not yet been announced.