Current Openings

POSITION TITLE: Full-Stack Software Engineer


  1. Independently implement core pieces of major game features, including in-game Unity infrastructure (C#) and backend AWS cloud services (Python).
  2. Build scalable solutions that focus on user experience and advanced application performance.
  3. Perform Android and iOS memory debugging.
  4. Design, develop, and maintain Flask web applications backed by DynamoDB.
  5. Implement application integration tests.
  6. Manage application feature release rollouts.
  7. Own and write up technical documentation for application components.
  8. Lead development team knowledge-sharing activities.
  9. Coordinate with 3rd party vendors to troubleshoot bugs in their libraries.

This job is out of HQ in Edina, MN and can be done from a home office in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. 


  1. BS in Software Engineering or a closely related field and 3 years’ relevant experience; or 
  2. MS in Software Engineering or a closely related field and 1 year relevant experience.
  3. Must have 1 year of experience in the following:
    1. Development experience in both AWS and Unity.
    2. Agile software development process and issue tracking software (JIRA).
    3. Object-oriented programming
    4. Android and iOS memory debugging
    5. Flask, AWS Lambda (Python), API Gateway, and DynamoDB.
    6. deployment system
    7. Developing iOS and Android applications
    8. TeamCity or other CI/CD system
  4. All experience can be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of experience of education, training, or experience is acceptable.

Applicants who are interested in the Position should send a cover letter and resume to: Sarah Frost, Business Operations Director,